Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'll Get by With a Little Help From My Friends!

It's Sunday afternoon and the sun is shining!  These last few March days in Florida, the weather has been especially perfect.  These days are few and far between here, where the temperature is a perfect 75 degrees, the humidity is low, the wind just breezes by and the grill is hot and the beer is cold!  You can't help but smile!  These are the days to share with good they the two-legged or the four-legged variety!

Here's a few pics that Max wanted to share with you all.  A "change of pace" post, if you will.  No rants, no raves, no tears, no drama!  Just some "scrapbook" moments with his friends.

So, here they are......enjoy!

Meet Eve!  Eve loves to just bask in the Florida sun!  She teases Max with her loud squawking, knowing that he will come over to see what all the noise is about:
Eve at home!
Adam's hand makes a great perch!

"Baby Girl" in her favorite chair!
She is a beautiful creature, rescued from the Tampa Bay Humane Society.  She is still adjusting to here new home with our good friend Adam.  Eve is fairly well trained and although she will "nip" a little every now and then, she makes a great pet for Adam and a perfect addition to the rest of his creatures! 

She's a real "ham" too! Gotta love the look!
Next, meet Baby girl.  Baby Girl is a bull dog, lab and who knows what else, mix.  Also from the Tampa Bay Humane Society, Baby Girl is happy, playful, 2 yr. old who enjoys spending time with Adam and Eve!

Adam sure does make a great tree!
Rocky and Natasha at 8 weeks of age.
These next two friends are brother and sister! Meet "Rocky" and his sister, "Natasha".  These little cuties were rescued by Adam's friend who owns a tree service.  Their mom was killed when a vehicle struck tree and the nest in the tree fell to the ground.  Both Rocky and Natasha will be returned to the wild when they can fend for themselves.  Found when their eyes weren't even open yet, they have doubled in size since they first arrived. 

It's been awhile since we just shared some good time photos of friends.  Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Sunday!


Denise and Max!
Wish you were here!  Max

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