Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome To All My Pets and Me!

Find great information for your feline friends!
Welcome to "All My Pets and Me!".  The sister site to "Maxwell and Me!"

Homes for all kinds of pets!
To help keep the sites organized and make it easier for our readers to find and share the information they need and want, the site has been re-designed.  All My Pets and Me will be the new location for all animals and pets with the exception to dogs. 

The blog "Maxwell and Me!" will now be dedicated solely to our canine friends.  Here, you will find a much more organized site for everything related to "man's best friend", from news items, rescue stories, health tips and training tips.  You will also find great information from our contributing authors and experts.  It is a wealth of information for seasoned dog owners to those looking to acquire or adopt a new dog.  You'll find recommendations on what breeds are best suitable for your situation. We'll also have reviews of all kinds of dog related products including food, training aids, toys, and much more!  Check out this great new site and see what grreat improvements we've made.  You'll also find great articles written by a host of new contributing authors who will help get you the best and most accurate information and answers to your questions.

From parrots to parakeets, you'll find it here!
"All My Pets and Me!" is the best place to find answers for all your "other" pet related questions.  Find information on every kind pet that anyone would ever like to own!  Get expert information from the same great contributing authors you've met at "Maxwell and Me!".  This exciting new blog will help you with everything pet related.  Find out what pets are best for you and where to locate them.  Get all the information necessary to care, house and feed your new pets from people who specialize in them.  We'll help you find the best prices on everything you'll need for your new friends too!  You'll find great reviews on cages, enclosures, food, treats, toys and more.
Fish and aquariums!

All creatures, great and small!
We think these newly renovated sites will help us keep all the information you need in a much more organized manner.  The new sites will make it easier and faster to get answers to your questions and we'll archive some of the best question and answer sessions to help save you time on some of the frequently asked items.

Both sites will be updated daily to keep you on top of the latest news too!  And, don't forget to follow and review the great rescue stories and information on how to help these organizations continue with the wonderful work they do. 

We hope you enjoy our new space here!  We welcome your comments and suggestions to help make your experience here the best is can possibly be.

So welcome to the only place you'll need to find....simply put.....'everything animal'!  We'll leave the light on for ya!

Denise & Maxwell Blackman

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